Empowering Startups in Pygma's Portfolio

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Empowering Startups in Pygma’s Portfolio

Isabella González

Isabella González

Head of Customer Success at Lineup

Lineup is empowering startups in Pygma's portfolio. An exciting opportunity awaits: a 50% discount on Lineup's license.

Big News! We’re thrilled to share some exciting news for us at Lineup. Starting today, we’re empowering startups in Pygma’s portfolio by introducing a special benefit for all Startups that are part of the Pygma. So, what’s the deal? They’ll enjoy a 50% discount on a Lineup license.

What is Lineup and how can it Help my Startup?

Lineup is a prospect intelligence platform that empowers sales and business development teams to excel. Our mission is to provide these teams with comprehensive prospect insights and determine if they fit the ideal customer profile. The outcome? Your team will focus exclusively on qualified prospects, equipped with the criteria to prioritize the best deals.

As a Startup ourselves, we understand the challenges of embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. We recognize that launching your product or service in the market, especially in the early stages, is complex. Sales, a daunting field to manage, presents numerous challenges for Startup business development teams. For this reason, we’ve decided to offer this benefit, aiming to revolutionize the way we sell, together.

How to Avail this Benefit?

If you’re part of Pygma’s portfolio and looking to enhance your sales team’s efficiency and effort, don’t hesitate to get in touch to activate this perk. If you’re not currently part of the portfolio but are intrigued by this new way of selling, reach out to our sales team through this link.

Lastly, if you’re with an early-stage Startup and aiming to accelerate growth, secure funding, and learn from an incredible network of Founders, Angels, and VCs in Latin America, be sure to visit Pygma’s website to discover how you can be a part of their programs.


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