Gabriel Salcedo - Selling Future Without a Crystal Ball

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Gabriel Salcedo – Selling Future Without a Crystal Ball

Isabella González

Isabella González

Head of Customer Success at Lineup

Discover the secrets to success in the corporate sales arena. Selling future without a crystal ball is a challenge in this competitive sector.

Gabriel Salcedo

Sales Associate in Emerging Markets at J.P. Morgan

In this latest episode of Conversations in the Lobby, we engage in a fascinating discussion about the role of a salesperson in the fiercely competitive and aggressive realms of corporate, financial, and banking sectors. During this episode, Gabriel offers advice not only on the essential qualities every sales professional should cultivate in these industries, but also provides tips for effectively engaging with and approaching challenging clients. This specific sector is very competitive and gaining trust and selling future without a crystal ball is a challenge.

What Gabriel Shared:

The most critical traits of a salesperson in the corporate banking sector can be distilled as follows:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the product being sold.
  • The soft skill of establishing excellent rapport with clients – to the extent that this becomes your differentiating factor against competitors.
  • Crafting unique and innovative ideas around the solutions your clients require.

Authenticity is pivotal for a salesperson to uncover points of connection with clients. Understanding what motivates them is essential to build trust and demonstrate that you are the right person for their business.

Key skills for successful selling:

  • Authenticity: Clients can readily discern when you are being insincere or selling something that isn’t genuine to your character.
  • Overcoming the ego barrier, which can be detrimental in sales. Not taking things personally.
  • Transparency from the outset about your commercial interests.

“To understand your client, you should sit down and talk about anything, focusing on listening and asking questions about small things. People highly value being heard.”

Gabriel Salcedo

The most significant challenge in this type of sale involves risk management solutions to help clients mitigate the greatest risks in their landscape. Salespeople don’t possess a crystal ball, particularly in this sector where the direction of financial assets remains uncertain.


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